Association of California Car Clubs


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Association of California Car Clubs

P.O. Box 1083
El Dorado, California 95623


  • Rex Roden, President
  • 530-748-6181

Est. 1972

Members: 9000



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The Association of California Car Clubs consists of thousands of automobile hobbyists throughout the state who are interested in California laws and policies regarding collector automobiles. The ACCC was formed March 16, 1972.

The ACCC is a volunteer organization with regional representatives who represent the interests of individual members and member clubs across the state. Hobby clubs and individuals joining the ACCC contribute to the protection of the hobby and are kept informed of the issues. These representatives form the Board of Directors, serve without pay and are elected from the pool of active auto enthusiasts in this state.

We form the bridge between the automotive enthusiast and our elected officials (who have stated that about 85 percent of their votes are cast on unfamiliar subjects). We are united to serve by informing and educating our members, and by using appropriate channels of communication at all levels of government, as necessary, to protect and preserve the collectible automobile hobby.

Membership Requirements: Individual Membership Fees are $25.00 per year or Two years for $40.00.


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