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233-J Western Blvd.
Jacksonville, North Carolina 28546


  • Jim Roddy, President 2008

Est. 1977

Members: 33



Club Officers: 1 – 4 of 4

TREASURER View more information BOYD, BRYAN
SECRETARY View more information EVANS, GORDON [view garage]
Jacksonville, North Carolina
PRESIDENT View more information RODDY, JIM [view garage]
Jacksonville, North Carolina
Vice President View more information WEAVER, JEFF [view garage]
Jacksonville, North Carolina

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Caro-Vettes Merbership Application
Uploaded: Mar 18, 2007
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Uploaded: Jan 19, 2007
Do the following steps to retrieve all the codes stored in your C5: 1) Turn your ignition on. The engine doesn't have to be running, but it's ok if it is... 2) Press reset to clear any warning messages 3) Press and hold the "options" button 4) Press the "fuel" button 4 times while holding the options button down. The car will enter manual diagnostics and start displaying all the codes that are set for every control module in the car. The diagnostic codes will flash across the screen in the following categories: PCM - Poweretrain TCS- Traction control and ABS RTD- Real Time dampening BCM- Body Control Module IPC- Instrument Panel Cluster Radio- Duh HVAC- Heating, ventilation and A/C LDCM- Left Door Control module RDCM- Right Dorr control module SCM- Seat control module RFA- Remote function actuation "C" after the code denotes that it is within the current ignition cycle. "H" means it has occured in previous ignition cycles, but not the current one.

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About Group

Caro-Vettes, Inc., Corvette club of Jacksonville, North Carolina was founded on April 7th, 1977. Caro-Vettes (Carolina Corvettes) started it's existence with 7 members and reached a peak of forty (40) members. Caro-Vettes joined the Southeastern Confederacy of Corvette Clubs in 1978. This group consisted of twenty-six (26) Corvette Clubs ranging from Wilmington, NC to Manassas, VA. Caro-Vettes distinguished itself by winning the Club Championship in EVENT PARTICIPATION and PRECISION AWARD for the best organized and most popular events in 1987, 1988, and 1989. This was unprecedented and the trophies were retired and remain with Caro-Vettes to this day. Members Corvettes range from 1958 to 2007.

Purpose and Activities

The purposes to Caro-Vettes Corvette Club of Jacksonville are to:

(1) encourage the preservation and advancement of the Corvette
(2) provide a source of readily available technical knowledge, information, and assistance in the maintenance and operation of the Corvette
(3) provide and regulate competitive and social events for participating individuals
(4) encourage careful, safe, and skillful driving on public highways, (5) be a credit to the community of Jacksonville, NC.

Membership Requirements: 1- Of course a Corvette

2- Local to the area ( Eastern NC )

3- Request actual membership from the Club President or one of the officers. (Download the form from the files section)

4- Yes this Club has dues, but what good standing club doesn't.


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