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Greater Omaha/Council Bluffs Area
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Est. 1971

Members: 30



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Uploaded: Jun 13, 2007
This is the minutes from the May meeting and the newsletter for June. Some of the area upcoming activities are not included in this copy.
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Uploaded: May 14, 2007
April meeting minutes and message from the President
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Uploaded: Apr 13, 2007
Sping is officially here – have you gotten your car out yet? We went to the World of Wheels show and saw quite a few beautiful local cars. In this newsletter you will find a new copy of our Member List. Since I only had three responses to my request to send me your info last month and I only was able to check six other families at the meeting, I cannot guarantee that it is correct. So please check your info and if it needs changing, see below for my email address to send me the info. I plan to pick up some car council event books before the next meeting and have them available if you did not get one. In this newsletter you will see a flyer for a Show & Shine Fundraiser put on by the Skills USA group at Papillion LaVista High School on May 27. These young people are the future of the car clubs of America and it sure would be nice to see a big group attend. Have your checked out I will be getting some new info out there hopefully before you get this newsletter and start checking it regularly because if anything comes up, we will be putting the info out there. As you have heard, Drive to Survive is on for this year and Joann and Milt Fricke are going to be the Chairpersons for this year. I know we will all pitch in and help, but if there is something special you have thought of, give them a call and tell them or volunteer to do something for the show. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me at anytime and I will see what I can do to get them answered or resolved. 571-0825, cell 670-7709 or UPCOMING EVENTS 5TH annual Charity Car Show – Knoepfler Chevrolet, Sioux City, Iowa Saturday June 2, 2007 CAR FOR SALE 1975 Chevy Custom Nova. Four door sedan, 350 V-8 automatic transmission, bench seats, original paint, 30K miles, original owner in good condition. Contact Richard Strait 393-2629 CHEVROLET CLASSIC CLUB MARCH MEETING MINUTES President Ruth Dokken called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM on Sunday, March 18, 2007 at El Bee’s Restaurant on Highway 50. There were 10 members present George Kralik made a motion and Milt Fricke seconded it to accept the Secretary’s report as printed in the newsletter. Treasurer Lynette Janssen gave the Treasurer’s report and Bill Swartzendruber made a motion and Roger Dokken seconded it to accept it as read. Old Business The member list was passed around for those present to update their info. New Business Drive to Survive – Milt and Joann gave a handout of things they have discussed and planned so far. They will be discussing the Ralston “Night Out” with the city council soon to see if they will be holding it during our show. More info to follow. Milt Fricke also said explained that since they used to be former square dancers, they were asked if some cars would want to come to the Square Dance Festival and be outside as the square dancers come in as ‘atmosphere’. It was decided that we would have our meeting that night, Saturday, April 21 at Gambino’s Pizza and maybe everyone would want to come and show off their cars at the square dance festival before the meeting. (More info in the newsletter) DARE Car – It has been 10 years since we gave the DARE car to the Papillion police department and it is time to renew the contract with them. Since Bill Swartzendruber works there, he will make the first contact with Len Houloose at the Police Dept. Joel Janssen reported on cruises and dates of upcoming events and meetings and we discussed going out cruising for dinner on Friday nights again.\n Terry Miller made a motion to adjourn and Bill Henry seconded it.

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Promoting the Preservation and Restoration of 1955 through 1972 Chevrolet Cars and Trucks

Founded in August of 1971, our club is the oldest 1955, 1956, 1957 Car Club in the World. We have now grown to include 1958-1972 Chevrolets.

Our club is always interested in visiting with others who share the love of the Classic Chevys, whether restored, stock, modified, or customs.


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