Circle City Corvettes


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Circle City Corvettes

3574 Lake Oak Ridge Dr
Enterprise, Alabama 36330


  • John Hickman, Event Coordinator
  • 334-347-5908

Est. 1978

Members: 75



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Circle City Corvettes(CCC) is a Corvettee Club for the Corvette enthusiasts located in Dothan, Al.Formed in 1978. CCC currently has over 70 members(40 Corvettes) and is known nation wide for their annual Corvette Beach Caravan. CCC was the pioneer club in with donating proceeds from their events to the National Corvette Museum. Over the past five years CCC has donated over $40,000 to the museum. A small club but a club with heart and love of fellow Corvette owners and the car itself. CCC sponsors the local Girls Attention Home by donating money, taking the girls out for pizza and letting them ride in the corvettes. Each Christmas Club members choose a girl,buy gifts from her wish list and experience the true meaning of Christmas watching the girls open their presents. This past year a 17 year old experienced her first Christmas. The Girls perform a song and dance routine at the club's Beach Caravan that really gets the participants in the giving mode for the corvettte item auction. CCC provides cars for the local National Peanut Festival as well as the Azaela Trail Parade. A montly meeting is held the first Tuesday of each month to inform club members of upcoming events, new club members and other club issues. CCCC has a great website at The average age of the club members is approx. 52 with the youngest being 21 and the oldest 75.CCC is a C5/C6 club as the club has 2 - 2007 z06, 1 - 2006 z06, 3 - c5 z06. Of the 40 + Corvettes over 30 are C5's or C6's. Our oldest car is a 1966. CCC lost two special people in 2006. A club member died of an heart attack and our auctioneer at our Caravan los his battle with leukemia in less than 6 months. Currently our club is helping tornado victims in my city, Enterprise, AL were 8 high school students including my daughter's best friend's brother.

Membership Requirements: Circle City Corvettes was formed for the Corvette enthusiasts. Ownership of a Corvette is not mandatory, but recommended.


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