Corvair Midwest

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Corvair Midwest

10100 Holdrege
Lincoln, Nebraska 68527


  • Jerry Hutchison, President

Est. 0000

Members: 20



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Treasurer View more information Beck, Nancy
Secretary View more information Elliott, Eric [view garage]
President View more information Hutchison, Jerry
Vice President View more information Scott, Merl [view garage]

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December 2006 Newsletter
Uploaded: Dec 4, 2006
December 2006 Newsletter.
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November 2006 Newsletter
Uploaded: Nov 16, 2006
Our November 2006 newsletter.

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About Group

Corvair Midwest is a chapter of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA) that serves the eastern Nebraska and western Iowa area. Most of our members are from the Lincoln and Omaha area. All Corvair lovers are welcome, you don't need to own one!

Dues are $15 per year for CORSA members, $20 per year for non-CORSA members.


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