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Dynasty Car Club

14241 Tierra Bronce Dr
El Paso, Texas 79935


  • James Irby, President
  • 915-222-8225

Est. 2008

Members: 3



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Dynasty Car Club is the one and only Dynasty in El Paso. We are the original Dynasty. We are a family oriented car club. We are drama free! Dynasty is not just one person, we are a whole! We are very involved with the community. We just recently put on a car show at Chapin High on November 22. It had a really good outcome! Dynasty is all action and no talk. When we say we are gonna get something done, we get it done! NO HESITATING!! Dynasty Car Club is a new and ongoing project. Dynasty touched down in EP in April of 08. We have a chapter in Germany that is going strong. We are looking to expand and broaden our horizon. Dynasty also loves to see new faces. If you think you have what it takes, then come holla at us! We have SUV Dubs Class, Car Dubs Class, Euro Class, Muscle Car Class, Old School Class, and Street Bikes Class. More classes to come! Want a chance to show off your ride and all your hard work?

Membership Requirements: Members can own any type of vehicle ranging from classics, imports, luxury, to SUV’s as long as the person along with their vehicle present a clean and unique image for them along with “Dynasty Car Club.”
All members must maintain themselves and vehicles as to reflect a positive image of “Dynasty Car Club” to the community along with any organizations in the community.


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