Lincoln Nights


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Lincoln Nights

40 and South St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504


  • Nathan Olson, Founder
  • 402 202 6025

Est. 2004

Members: 10



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Lincoln Nights Business Cards
Uploaded: Dec 28, 2006
Help recruit members to our group by printing out the Lincoln Nights Business Cards. If you run into another car enthusiast or interested student, hand them our card and promote our group. Use on Avery 8870 or card stock to print.

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About Group

Lincoln Nights was previously an University of Nebraska-Lincoln auto club. Due to the restrictions of a student based organization, membership base, and other factors, it has fallen delinquent with its UNL based status. Lincoln Nights is currently being remade into a car club focused on young enthusiasts and their interest in racing, car building, and other related activities.

Membership Requirements: Open to anyone and everyone.


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