Monte Millennium Generations PA Chapter


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Monte Millennium Generations PA Chapter

P.O. Box 442357
Detroit, Michigan 48244


  • Sean M. Duff, President of the PA Chapter

Est. 2008

Members: 10



Club Officers: 1 – 2 of 2

Chapter President View more information Duff, Sean [view garage]
President View more information Johnson II, Thomas [view garage]

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Official Chapter of Monte Millennium Generations Monte Carlo Club

We cater to all generations of Chevrolet Monte Carlo's, from 1970's to present. All Monte Carlo's are welcome! We are here to bring Monte Carlo owners and enthusiasts together worldwide. If you own a Monte Carlo, we want to see you and allow you to show others your car. Regardless if your Monte is original, restored, modified, under construction or nonexistent (yet) we want you here.

Membership Requirements: Must live in the state of Pennsylvania.
Must be an official dues paying member to access.


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