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Oklahoma Impala Association

1528 Windsor Way
Norman, Oklahoma 73069


  • Chuck Klasek, President & General Laborer

Est. 2005

Members: 5



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OIA is all about full-size Chevrolets made from 1955 up to 1972. Technically, OIA is to be an affiliate of the National Impala Association, which includes full-size Chevys from '58-70, but we'd like to widen things a bit in order to deepen our knowledge base and add membership.

For that matter, we're open to any full-size American car made during the years above, just to have an active, participatory membership. Knowledge is knowledge, and knowledge shared is always useful to others. As you can tell, we'll have several 'tiers' of membership, but that's just a matter of categorizing on paper, nothing more.

I'd personally like OIA to be about preserving not only the history of great (and big) American iron, but about sharing that love and knowledge with others and helping our community at the same time.

Just for information, the photo shown is off the Web and belongs to a gentleman in Canada who is trying to sell it. Mine is very much like this, save for the color (tan), which will soon be changed to the same color as the one in the photo. (Should the owner of this pictured car object to using it here, please email me and I'll remove it...I just didn't have a good photo of my ride available at the time I signed up at Motortopia.)

Membership Requirements: 1. Membership in NIA is mandatory for strict OIA membership - that is, if you have one of the listed cars (see the NIA site at www.nationalimpala.com), join NIA, and you can be a full-fledged OIA member. Basically, just LOVING the old Chevys is good enough to be a member, once dues are paid. You don't have to own one to be a member...just join, pay your dues (see below) and participate to whatever degree you can.

2. Club dues (as well as other Club parameters) will be determined based on membership, assistance with club matters and other factors to be decided upon by the initial Club officer cadre.


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