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38 Turcotte Ave Moosup CT 06354
Plainfield, Connecticut 06354


  • Tom Sherman, President

Est. 2006

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President View more information Sherman, Thomas & Judy [view garage]
38 Turcotte Ave
Plainfield, Connecticut 06354
  • 860-564-8597
Moderator View more information Stephenson, Nick [view garage]
Lutz, Florida 33549
  • 310-7465

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Silver Mustang Business Cards
Uploaded: Nov 27, 2006
Help recruit members to our group by printing out the Silver Mustang Club Business Cards. If you run into another Mustang owner or simply just another car enthusiast, hand them our card and promote our group. You can print them on Avery 8870 or just print on card stock and cut them out.

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About Group

Well here you are…the best damn place for those that have a passion for silver Mustangs!

Inside our site, you will find forums, classifieds, stickers, merchandise, and some history of the Mustang and the following of silver Mustangs through the years. We all own or love this American made muscle car known as the Mustang, so get your ass on the ball and register for the site so you can meet and chat with the other enthusiasts in the forums. Although this is a silver site, it is not limited to just silver. Torch Red? Sonic Blue? Yellow? Doesn't matter at all, you are still welcome to join our site.

You can find all the information you need to the left inside the Main Menu. So register for the site, bookmark the page, and enjoy the site like the rest of us are already doing. There are no strict rules like most forums have so feel free to come in and let loose. The only rule is, if this is your first time at you HAVE to join! See you in the forums!

You can now register your Mustang through free of charge!

We are officially a registry site. Not only a registry site, but the only one on the internet for Silver Mustangs. You get your own unique SMR # once you have registered. Once you are registered you will be added to the Owners List which is located at the top of the page. Please see the Registry Form link for rules as well as the registration form you need to full out.

Also to the left you will see the StangNet logo. Please click that and vote for our site everyday so we can be #1 and show everyone what a great place this is.

Thanks for finding us, and enjoy!

Silver, Grey, Gun Metal Grey, Titanium, Mineral Grey, Dark Shadow Gray ....These are all variations of Silver.


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