GlossHaus - A Wet Shine from your Paint, Not some Wax

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GlossHaus - A Wet Shine from your Paint, Not some Wax

633 Carolina St
Vallejo, California 94590


  • Dave Crawford, Chief Buffing Executive
  • 707-552-2647

Est. 2003




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About Group

GlossHaus gives you professional tools, materials and know-how in a Kit so that YOU can Refinish your paint to a new car appearance. New Paint or Older Paint, it's SO easy, a novice GlossHaus customer entered his first car show and won a major Concours event. We have squeezed out all the fluff to give you a no-nonsense Kit that focuses on RESULT. After you experience GlossHaus, you will never again just wax over your paint problems, only to have them reappear every 3-4 weeks when your current wax evaporates and its fillers wash off. Many of todays highly touted waxes are merely band aids to scratches, oxidation and environmental damage. GlossHaus treats the FOUNDATION of your paint. Only when a smooth, deep, lustrous gloss is achieved is the last step - wax - even considered. In fact, wax becomes an afterthought!

A GlossHaus Kit will refinish multiple cars and MAINTAIN a Show-Car appearance for years. Only consumable polishing lotions need replacement. We have multiple levels of Kits to accommodate different needs.

Many of our customers have used the well-known, name-brand exotic waxes and systems available, only to be dissapointed. When they used GlossHaus, their search was over. We consider our System, Tools, Not Toys!

Take a look at our customer gallery on our website. Or drop us an email with pictures attached. We would be happy to give you a brief, candid assessment of your paint condition and whether the GlossHaus System can deliver a new car shine at a fraction of the new paint price.


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