L.A. Wheel and Tire

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L.A. Wheel and Tire

21021 Osborne Street
Canoga Park, California 91304


  • Alan Handel, Owner
  • 818-626-8867

Est. 1998




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About Group

We specialize in chrome, black chrome, powder coating, refinishing, and our special Chrome Exchange Program on all factory wheels. Now, we also offer our exclusive Winterchrome™ and Black Winterchrome™ as well! Why factory? Because they are the sturdiest, best wheels for your vehicle; you won't find aftermarket junk here! We warranty our finishes for so long because we truly believe in them: you won't find better quality anywhere else! Plus we have accessories like center caps, lug nuts, chrome care kits, and more on sale every day. The best part is that we ship free to the continental U.S., and can ship internationally at some of the best rates you'll ever see!

We are known world-wide for our knowledge of wheels, as well as our ability to make them look like true works of art. With thousands of OEM factory wheels in stock and immediate access to tens of thousands more, we've got what it takes to make your car look it's best!

Factory OEM wheels are our expertise and your satisfaction is our number one priority!


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