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Phoenix Specialty Coatings

157 Kimery Store Road
Greenfield, Tennessee 38230


  • Leanna Johnson ~ The CudaChick, Owner / Operator
  • 731-613-9192 (Call 10 - 9 central time daily)

Est. 2007


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Powder Coating Basics, New Trends/Colors, and Pricing Guidelines
Uploaded: Aug 24, 2007
A brief article explaining powder coating basics, new trends, color availability and our pricing at PSC.

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About Group

Where Your Parts Are Reborn

Professional powder coating geared specifically to the automotive / motorcycle enthusiast and pro builder. I'm a custom one-off and Mopar parts restoration specialist.

PSC's Business Group was the first powder coating shop to appear on motortopia. We're also the best there is. Uncompromising attention to detail ... professional, show quality results ... thousands of colors and textures to choose from, including color matching ... free color swatches ... and the most affordable prices on the custom finishing market. You will not be disappointed -- I guarantee it.

Please visit my website at for a full description of our services, pricing, hundreds of work sample photos and detailed custom jobs (see the "Gallery"), company personnel photos and cars, etc. Some basic information and a few work sample photos can be found right here on motortopia at

Over 6,500 colors are available in nearly every texture imaginable! I even have powders that look like leather. Click on the "Color Charts" section on my home page to view over 800 swatches. PSC offers free color swatches per your request to make sure the color is exactly what you want.

Check out our videos below. See the 'before and after' transformations for yourself! One-off, custom results to make your ride the ultimate envy are only a phone call away.

We ship worldwide and totally blow away our competition in terms of both price and quality of work. If we wouldn't put it on our own cars, we'd never ask you to put it on yours. No job is too small, and custom / intricate work is always welcome.

Be sure to mention you saw this ad on Motortopia's Business Section to get a 5% discount. Become a member of this group to enjoy even more benefits and qualify for additional discounts not found anywhere else! I try to take care of my pals.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about PSC. I look forward to serving you!

Leanna ~ The CudaChick
Owner / Operator
Where Your Parts Are Reborn
Greenfield, Tennessee

731-613-9192 (Please call 10 am to 9 pm central time daily)



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