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Ridin' Dirty Customs was started on October 20th, 2006 in Derry, New Hampshire. There is currently no shop for RDC, but we are in the process of hopefully obtaining one. We drive up to Manchester on Saturdays, sometimes Fridays, and cruise around in our rides. Saturday is the day that we go to a spot across from Dunkin' Donuts in Manchester where we have verbal permission to meet with our other members. The President of this group is currently Nick Callarusso with the Vice President being Rob (Junior) Estes. There is about 60 members in this group, with some of them that go up to every show on Saturday, being Dave, Sammi, Jenn, Davis, Steers, Mark, Billy, Nick Z, Matt, Texas, etc etc. We have all types of cars and trucks in our group. This includes several Ford Mustangs (3 different types), Ford F-150's, two Mitsubishi Eclipses, a Dodge Neon, Honda Civics, a Chevrolet Silverado, an Audi, a Chevrolet S10, a Dodge Ram, a Honda Accord, a Chevrolet Prizm, and many others. This group is intended for the actual members to join, but others are welcome if they are interested in us, or who live in the area and are willing to join. Our group is like a family when we meet together. When we meet we enjoy the nightlife of the city, watch other amazing cars cruise by, talk, hangout, play music, and cruise the strip ourselves. This group is insistent on believing that it doesn't matter what kind of car you drive but rather what you do to modify it to make it your own so you can be proud of it. The more unique a car is, the more interesting it can be to look at and be proud of. If you don't have a lot of money, work with what car you have. As long as you put forth all your pride in your car you have something to be proud of. At Ridin' Dirty Customs we look at each others cars as different projects that can have lots of modifying.


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