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Part photo: 355 SB Chevy short block capable of 668 HP

Name: 355 SB Chevy short block capable of 668 HP
Description: I have a 355 SB Chevy short block for sale that had 668 HP before I tore it down and updated it. I used the top end for another combination so it is just the short block.

Includes :
350 2-bolt main block that has been SPLAYED with billet caps
Bored .030 over
hard block filled to water pump passages (Not a full fill)
decks have been O-RINGED so this needs Copper head gaskets to seal
This has BRAND NEW Childs and Alberts rod, main, and cam bearings ( Racing Series Bearings)
The crankshaft has been balanced to the rotating assembly and has a bob weight of 1740. It is a Forged GM Steel crankshaft.
The rods are Oliver aluminum 6" rods ($1200 a set)
The pistons are SRP 13-1 pistons
The rings are Childs & Albert file fit Chrome Moly
The oil pump is a Melling High Volumn oil pump.
All mains have studs that are ARP
Block has been clearanced for the aluminum rods and the factory mechanical fuel pump mounting area has been removed and plugged off. The lifter valley has been screened and tapped for Vent Tubes.
Vent Tubes have been installed.
I will put a stock oil pan on it without a screen for transportation. This is one serious short block.

I ran 10.22 1/4 mile passes all over the top end at 130.81 MPH with the cam, heads, carb, etc... I used on this short block. The rods are new, crank is new, oil pump, bearings, and rings are all new, and most of the studs that are ARP are new as well. The resto of this have only 12 passes on the motor before I changed it up.
I have over $2800 in just the block work so it could handle a lot of HP without cracking or blowing up. The crank has @ $1000 + in it and the pistons are over $600. This is without the bearings, screens, vent tubes, rings, etc.. I am asking $4500 for this combination.
If you would like to know what I used to have the 668 HP (DYNO'ed) I will give you a list of parts to use to put it back the way I had it. The top end was all out of the box parts.

THERE IS NO CAMSHAFT IN THIS MOTOR EITHER !!! Cams are tailored to the rest of the motor and car needs.
I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER AT WILL. SO YOU MUST CALL ME AT 402-217-4879 Fri-day thru Sunday or if you want to E-mail me direct at I might get to the e-mails once a week if I can. I cannot promise getting back to you ASAP on the computer. SO PLEASE CALL ME
I have pics of all the parts used besides the pic used here. I have it assembled now so I have not taken pics of finished product. Monzter Racing in Lincoln, NE did all the assembly and some of the block work. Spanel Engines did all the balancing and crankshaft work, and Randy Moore (Moore Performance) & Carquest manager Kevin Neth all of Lincoln, NE did most all the block work. I have all receipts to this work and parts. SERIOUS ENOUGH FOR YOUR RIDE ?????
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Type: Part For Sale
Posted: Nov 14, 2010
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