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Part photo: Big Rig Model Part's

Name: Big Rig Model Part's
Description: All aluminum and stainless part's on these truck's are hand made.
These part's add detail to the stock truck's.
All bumper's are not as wide as what you see,they are built as they are ordered because not everyone want's them this wide.
Some part's that I build are not shown yet because I have a truck I'm buildig that is a regular truck with all the dress up item's on it.
I will post photo's of it when I get it finished.

Price's are low on all item's.
Anyone that want's something can send me a message and I will contact you asap

List of part's,Bumper's,Air cleaner's,Hood trim,Cab and Sleeper bottom edge trim,Battery box's,Deck plate's,Fuel tank's,Air tanks,Air and Elect. line's complete with detailed spring suport's glad hand's
and connector for cab end's.
Fender cover's and complete rear deck cover's and custom hood's can be built.
Thank you
Earl Miller
Contact: ewaskew
Type: Part For Sale
Price: $0.00
Posted: Nov 16, 2011
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