Part photo: Hypertech Power Programmer III

Name: Hypertech Power Programmer III
Description: I have this complete Hypertech Power Programmer III programmer for your '99 LS1 Firebird or Camaro. It plugs into the ECM plug under the dash and allows you to:
1. Install fuel & spark programming for more horsepower.
2. Change rev limiter.
3. Change electric cooling fan operating range.
4. Change vehicle top speed limit.
5. Adjust the speedometer for diffent size tires.
6. Adjust speedometer for different rear end gear ratios.
7. Change shift point MPH and RPM for automatic cars.
8. Change shift firmness for automatic cars.
9. Return all settings back to stock.
I used this for my '99 Trans Am, & really felt the difference. It is a "must have" for a quick HP increase or if you change tire size or rear end differential ratios.
This unit will only work for '99 LS1 Camaros and Firebirds with 5.7 V8. IF YOUR CAR IS DIFFERENT, DON'T BUY THIS PROGRAMMER!
This item sells for over $300.00 new!
It is complete in the original box.
Contact: Ramair1
Type: Part For Sale
Price: $200.00
Posted: Nov 4, 2007
Tags: computor, chip, programming