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Description: Added some goodies.

HU- Alpine CDA-9887
Components- JBL 6.5"
Rear Speakers- JBL 6.5" coaxial
Sub- 12" Fi Q
4 Channle- Memphis 16-PR100.4
Mono- Memphis 16-PRD1000.1
PAC SWI-JACK (steering wheel controls)

150ish sqft of Second Skin sound deadeners
KnuKonceptz wiring and RCA's

It's still a work in progress. I still have to fiberglass/bondo the aftermarket HU bezel. Then I'm going to paint the interior plastic and some of the trim OEM blue as I did my intake manifold. That will be started as soon as the car is out of the shop.
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Yes I still have to sound deaden the inner door skin.
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