1953 Buick Special (Berry Special)

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I’m a car guy…Every heap of piled rust I see lying dormant in a field or any other state of disrepair gets me excited. I immediately have to comment with ” I’d love to have that! I’d do this and I’d do that and I’d take it here and there…” Well, I guess my wife got tired of hearing it! We own a Suzuki based 4×4 BBS and one day this Buick appeared in our For Sale area. The owner wanted $6000 or trade for a lifted Suuki Samurai. Long story shortened is that my wife secretly mad a deal with the owner and traded a beautiful Samurai that I built for her for this car. She then surprised me with the news and added “You always say ‘I’d do this and I’d do that. Now you’ve got one, Shut up and do it”!
Thanks Berry Blonde! I love you!


Currently all original drive train with a very, VERY tired straight 8 and 3 on the tree with a torque tube driveline. Interior is pretty much stripped out. All the pieces are in the trunk but they are covered in some kind of giraffe colored tiger striped faux fur. Not my cup o’tea….Original seats have been replaces with full electric Cadillac 2 piece bench in the front and a comfy Cadiallac rear seat.

Factory Options

Massive weight, Air leaks in cab, poor brakes….but I do believe it has clouds to ride on instead of a suspension. It rides like a dream!


Soon to be swapped to a SBC 350 with Holley 750 and custom headers coupled to a drag race built TH350 auto tranny. I’ll be installing a posi-traction rear end from an 89 Camaro and a custom rear suspension. Ride will be dropped as low as I can get it and still drive/turn.
Paint is currently black suede with metallic blue flames but I’m considering painting it a metallic raspberry…maybe
Interior will be redone to work with whatever color I decide on in the end. It will have a built in carputer system with engine and tranmission temp and pressure monitoring / complete GPS navigation system / ntertainment system as well as providing full time internet access. I’m an electronics tech, would you expect any less?


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