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Jul 9, 2010 at 3:23 pm
i love the name lol
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Mar 17, 2010 at 5:19 pm
thanks nice truck
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Feb 10, 2010 at 1:27 pm
Awesome truck! Looks good now that it's all finished...Can't tell you how much i been waitn for finished product!

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1953 Chevrolet 3600 (Fried Green T'Mater)

Last updated Jan 18, 2011  

Photo of a 1953 Chevrolet 3600 (Fried Green T'Mater)


April 02, 2010
Well I am about to give up. This engine just will not run cool. 4-core radiator high volume water pump and two different sets of heads later it still gets so hot that it is boiling the gas in the carb. I have checked the timing a dozen times and it is always right on. It runs really good until it gets over 212 and then I have to pull over and let it cool down or get to the open road. Definitely not good in rush hour traffic. It is time to yank the motor out of the 80 Buick parts car and get it ready for the T'Mater.

Feb. 22, 2010 Got the heads replaced and we are back on the road and running cool again. Drove it on slick roads for the first time today and it performed well except for a little slip sideways while downshifting for a light. Next is building a topper to fit the 9-foot bed, in the thinking about it stage right now. If anybody has any insight to vintage truck toppers let me know.

January, 2010 - A fellow stovebolter made the emblems for the sides of the hood based on my design. They fit perfectly and are made of stainless steel.

July 26, 2009 got the back windows in after some extreme effort. the installation tool slipped and scratched the paint above the center window. We are taping it up again for a repaint of the white top. put cardboard in the side windows and windshield and got a little goofy with the magic marker. I'm considering changing the name to Fried Green Mater. What do you think?

July 13, 2009. The truck is starting to go back together now. got the front fenders and radiator in over the weekend and now I can drive it.

My truck has a ghost in the paint.

I bought this truck in 1996 and moved it three times, it has sat wanting a restore all those years. I thought about it a lot and planned what I wanted to do. Saturday March 07, 2009, almost nine years after buying it it began. Here is 2 1/2 days progress.


1974 Suburban frame and drive train. 350, 4-speed, 3/4 ton four-wheel-drive

Factory Options

heater and turn signals and maybe a radio that is long gone (Finished all these things)


see for your self. complete off-frame body and paint in the works. The color will be "argreen" If you like it I can give you the paint code.
07/26/09 - power windows, cruise control, one-ton bed (02/22/10 changed my mind on the power windows)

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This album is the assembly of my truck.

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January 18, 2011 The truck has been custom reupholstered. Design by me, work by Touch of Class Interiors, Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have pictures on photobucket...

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