1955 Chevrolet Belair (Moonshine55)

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I had been out of the Car Scene for some time, and was finally back in the market for another car. I had a 55 Two Door post in the past and a 57 Chevy pickup, but I really love the 55’s. My wife, daughter and I were coming back from a flea market when I seen the Double Nickel sitting there in a car lot. I stop the truck turned around and told my wife if it has a 4 speed in it it’s all over it will be mine. We you see who owns it now! LOL

When i drove the car to work one day A lady I work with came up to me and asked about it. Turns out it used to be her car. Her husband is a cable installer and he done a job for someone in Wardensville, WV and the guy was unable to pay. This car was sitting in the field behind his house and was offered to him for a trade on the work done. Then there was another owner who had the truck signed by Ben Jones (Cooter from Dukes of Hazard). Thought about changing the name of the car to Thunderstruck since it was hit by lightning at work one day. There is a bare spot on the roof and lightning struck the field behind where my car was parked and it arced and now there is a burn ring under the paint but never blistered or peeled the paint. Fortunately for me I had the battery turned off so no electrics were affected.


Crate Motor 350.
No Specs on Horsepower rating or 1/4 mile times… YET

Factory Options

This is a Factory V8 265 car which was built in Baltimore, MD.


I added a Mutha Thumpr cam, Pete Jackson Gear Drive. Torquer II instake and an Elderbrock 600. Just added a posi unit with 4:56 gears and a Rock Crusher 4 Speed. New Zoom Clutch setup, Nre ceramicoat headers and New exhaust (Still needs done) 😉


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