1964 Chevrolet Impala (Project)

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For my 52nd birthday I purchased a red ’64 Chevy Impala.
This vehicle brings back fond memories of my first car, which was a ’64 Chevy Belair for which I bought for $125.00! Now this “new” impala needs a total restoration – work that has to be outsourced because I have limited ability to transform this vehicle to its former glory. Besides treating myself on my birthday, this vehicle (with all its flaws – i.e., inoperable engine and tranny, rust, etc.) only cost me $1,700.00. The seller had several buyers lined up to view the vehicle but I was able to beat them to it and purchased it sight unseen. My brother implored me not to let this car get away and volunteered to pick it up and tow it to my residence, which he did. It wasn’t an easy task. He picked up vehicle with his 2 sons and it was already dark. The car’s brakes (or so he thought) were frozen.
He arrived at my residence close to midnight totally exhausted and left his SUV with the trailer in my driveway for me to handle in the morning. At daybreak I inspected the car and saw the reason my brother thought the brakes were frozen. The previous owner installed alloy rims which were rubbing against the idler arm and upper control arm. Had to purchase 2 rims and front tires and install them while vehicle was still secured to trailer. My nephew and I were able to off-load vehicle, but that was essentially it. Could not push car forward to secure in garage. Fortunately, I enlisted 4 landscapers who were working next to my home to manuever car into garage. Whew! That wasn’t easy. Graciously thanked them for saving my day and compensated them for their assistance. Now the real hard work starts. Restoring this partial rust bucket and making it look pristine again. Timetable to completion: 3 years.

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