1964 Plymouth Valiant (grandma)

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Price: 3500.00
Mileage: 0.00 miles
Color: Many


I got this car for $100 hundred dollars a few years ago. All in stock condition, now modified.


1967 318 block with slightly ported 360 heads. Mopar hydrolic cam with aluminum roller rockers. Heads have bigger valves. Forged crank. Crazy headers I made that are fender well exits with 3 inch piping that end with Purple hornies with a turn down at the front of each tire.

Factory Options

Whats factory?? The seats? Yeah, it’s got seats in it!


Tubed with a posi 8 1/4 rear with 3.91 gears. It also has a rebuild 727 Torque Flite that connects to Precision Performance Products Shifter. Which is way better than Any B&M or Hurst or TCI Shifter. Also equiped with Auto Meter Guages and a Five point seatbelt. Also has muscle car era Aluminum Rims.My fram is connected by frame connecters and a driveshaft loop. Also has Front disk brakes of a 72 Challenger with larger ball joints. Many other goodies.


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