1966 Cobra Dax 427 (Brit)

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Love Cobras but not as much as my 240Z’s and 911″s. This was a very tight well built 427 replica Cobra again imported from the UK so it was a right hand drive. Unusual was even though it was built in the UK it was a 289 4 speed car with all the features of a USA built car. The big difference is no stripes and no side pipes which gives it a more subtle sports car look. Have a look at some of my other cars on my web site at www.autogrotto.com


289 cubic inch toploader 4 speed with Jaguar independent rear end

Factory Options

leather interior complete, wool carpets, Smiths gauges, knock offs


added many vintage items such as Raydyots to add to the appeal of the car


  • Great Cobra !

    I also built a 427 Cobra. It’s a Lone Star Classic. You may be interested is a project I have going and will post all the information, photo’s & videos here on Motortopia. I’m building a sponsor paid new 427 side oiler that will be in Car Craft & Kit Car Builder magazines. The block is a new 2010 casting from a company called “Genesis”. All the parts will be listed from various company’s, the build up from the engine builder. Photo’s and video will be taken from start to finish. We will stroke it out to 527 cid, mechanical roller cam and we are shooting for 625- 650 HP & TQ, on pump gas. If you’re interested with the project, let me know and I will send you the post the link for the build, hopefully starting with the machining of the block in apx, two weeks.

    Here’s my garage.


    Thank you,

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