1966 VW Bus engine (Bune Buggy)

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We have had our buggy for over 20 years. Last year my husband was determined to get it on the road. We have been in the Kansas City area for about 22 years. There is not many places in the city to run a buggy. Getting it ready for the street can be a trip also.

We were scheduled to go to Eureka Springs in August of last year. Bill had been driving the buggy back and forth to work. One week before we are to leave for Eureka the engine goes out. Still determined to keep our plans for our trip he puts the only engine that we have in the buggy. This engine had set for 15 to 20 years on the floor in the garage. It is out of an old VW Bus. He drained the block bolted it on the transmission put oil in it primed it, and the darn thing started! We have run it for almost two years now. We made our trip to Eureka last year and this year with no problems.

Of course we trailer it to Eureka. It is a pretty long drive from Liberty Mo. That time of year you never know what the weather is going to do. This year it rained for the first 24 hrs.

After the rain it finely cleared we got to caravan through Eureka. There were 6 buggy’s in our group. We stay at The Tall Pines Inn. The owners treat us like family. Eureka has turned out to be our favorite trip of the year. It is a great place to go play and enjoy the beautiful country.


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