1967 Chevrolet Camaro (JR’S Camaro)

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This is my best friend , JR Held’s car. Jr lost everything he owned but this car in the spring of 2004 to a flood. At the time, he had the driveline pulled out to “freshen’ it up a bit” So, the car was at a friends house for the flood. that’s how it escaped it. In the fall of 2004, JR was diagnosed with lung cancer (or so he was told). As they were treating him for lung cancer, it had spread to his brain. Later the so called “medical experts” found that his cancer had origininated as testicular cancer. At that point, it was too late, JR was terminal. Upon find this out, my friend, dave and I, sat down and made some calls. We went and pulled JR’s car from storage, Grabbed Dave’s big block for his 67′ Chevelle that he had sitting on his stand then commenced to put JR’s car back together for his “LAST RIDE”. In 48 hours and with much support and a pile of donated parts from many, many generous people and businesses, Dave and myself commenced to put J’s car back together.
We got it back together, but all too late. By that time, JR was way too ill and weak to leave his hospital room. But he could see out of the rooms window! Luckily, there was a road that went around the back of the hospital! Well, Dave and I cruised J’s car around back, and with J lookn’, We commenced to do the best burnout that ever was!!! litterally, After J seen us, He laid back and closed his eyes one final time. later that evening, J passed away (RIP). After the funeral, We dismantled J’s car and it was willed to his brother, Tim. Tim put the car back together with all the original parts, and from time to time, will call Dave and I up everyonce in a while to ask if we want to take J’s car out for a day, just to spend time with an old friend.
JR, may you rest in peace!!!!


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