1967 Chevrolet Nova (67Nova)

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An original Indiana car with 70K miles by a little old lady. Bought and restored on rotisserie over 18 months. My wife and I were looking for a 60’s Chevy that we could enjoy with our children and that would compliment our 65′ StingRay, 2010 Camaro SS, and our H2 and H3 Alpha. We settled on a Nova but then needed to decided whether we wanted to keep numbers matching or go for a modification car that comes nearly “worry” free from a driving standpoint. We decided that since we already have a “matching” Corvette that needs to be maintained in a specific fashion, that a pro touring restoration that is consistent with the correct look of a 66′ or 67′ was the way to go. Selected the 67′ Nova from a shop in St. Louis. The color is not our ideal, but the “collector/investment” car market is nice and soft now and a car built this nicely was simply too good to pass on, regardless of the color.


LS2 engine making 425 with additional powertrain and exhaust options.


Car was built on a solid rust-free car with under system added, new powder coating throughout, an LS2 engine from a 06′ GTO was installed with a 6 speed manual, making 425 HP. Under the hood is completely and beautifully organized to show quality. The interior is completely new including a Digital Dash, two front bucket seats with carpets, etc. all new. A 4.1 sound system with sub in the trunk. The look of the car is Nova, but there is nothing old about this car. Nothing was done to make it look like a street rod, but it is a completely solid car with everything new.

We have purchased the car but as of the writing of this have not taken delivery thus the photo is credited to the shop in St. Louis (www.classiccarstudio.com)


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