1968 Mercury Cougar (Big Block)

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— This was actually a really good deal. I bought the teal Pontiac Fiero for $400, cleaned it up, and drove it for awhile. A friend bought this Cougar (I don’t remember how much he paid for it). It had a near perfect body with pretty fresh paint, all new interior (that just hadn’t been installed yet), and a 351 Cleveland. The engine was all original and not very reliable, and he needed more reliable transportation, so he traded me straight up for the $400 Fiero! I drove it twice, never even transferred the title, and then talked another friend into trading me straight up for a 1968 Ford Ranchero GT. It was a cool car, but the Ranchero was different and yellow – my favorite things!

— I don’t have a pic of it by itself, but this is pretty close.

Factory Options

351 Cleveland


Partially restored to original specs.


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