1970 Chevrolet Chevelle, SS clone (“Darth”)

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Not a pretty face, just an old battle scarred street fighter with the bruises to show for it. One day it will be “Back in Black”.

A reliable street ride that has scared a few late model “muscle cars” who have gritted their teeth at the view of my taillights.


Pretty standard formula for 350hp.

350/350, HE 262 Comp cam and lifters, headers, HEI, Edelbrock intake and carb, 2″ twice pipes with Flowmasters. 3.73 one legger rearend. PST suspension.

Factory Options

Malibu options, which aint much! Disc brakes.


  • There’s nothing wrong with a “Clone”, “Tribute Car”, Phantom”, or whatever else you want to call it as long as the owner doesn’t try to pass it off as the real thing. Thank you for being honest. Cars like this allow enthusiasts to drive the cars they really want without breakig the bank.

    (I once had a ’70 Chevele Greenbrier wagon that was in line for the ful SS treatment – until my wife sold it to her brother!)

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