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Sep 4, 2009 at 1:26 pm
Hey, That looks familiar.
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Dec 17, 2008 at 2:13 pm
great project - looking forward to some pics and updates!

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1971 Dodge Charger 500 (500)

Last updated Jun 19, 2009  

Photo of a 1971 Dodge Charger 500 (500)


I bought the Charger May 1-07.Three years prior I saw the car sitting in a yard by my moms,so I stopped and asked the man if he was selling it.He said no but if he ever were to it would be set at the end of the road.About a mounth or so after I ran into him at a activity for my 3 sons,He said hello and I said get-n rid of that car yet?and he laught.For three years after,I haunted him the same way when we ran into each other.Then one day I said it again to him.His reply was "You know I think I will sell her to you.I was stun.
I went looked it over carfully and seen there was no frame rust it still had under coat on it.,By then he started to tell me about the car,That he was only the second owner. He bought it when he was 16 years old.He had to put the Hood and right front Fender,and Trunk lid on it,because' the original owner sold these parts to a man that paid the same price he was asking for the whole car,so he sold the parts'and I bought the car because I had a 72 Chager with a rotted frame and bad motor.'
He went on to tell me that he had blown the Original motor 383/High profomance on the track one saturday against a blown 440 'I should of known better he says.' I was young and dumb you know how it works.' He told me he had a friend of his put a 360 w/390hp in it.'That winter I parked it in my dads barn where she sat for 30 years,got married had her towed here where you saw it and kept asking me about her,dont know if she still runs did when I parked her.'
After a few hours of info and chatting I left and picked the car up the next day,I did a tune up on the motor,put a new battery in and through 5 qrts of tranny fluid in it or her as he says,lol.It started after 4-5 turns.After that wash 'Her' up.
The next mornning I went to MVD and registered it,My wife also had the day off so she suggested we took a SLOOOOOW ride and we did from our house in Valley Falls NY.We went a few miles at a time because the car sat so long but it was running just like our cars we drive every day.So we did one big circle,we stopped here and there for a quick bit to eat and a drink,but never had a problem with the car. Through Vermont and back without a hitch.Not only was I but my wife aswell was stun.
My wife never gave any of my other cars a second thought but wanted me to have this car,Her father being the same way says the day he saw it.'Now you have a real ride 'which impressed me a complement from him ment a lot to me,After all I have owned some nice rides like 66 Dart,70 Sattilight 73 sat sebring so on so forth.
Now if I only knew how to paint,theres serfes rust in the trunk and under the hood but thats about it.The original color was General army green.The second owner had it paited Matalic Forest Green,a much better color.


After I really got into the car for the first time it started to pull to the right ,so I looked it over and found a bushing was torn,didnt know the name of it so I took it to the machnics,He told me it was a Stablizer arm bushing.
I asked if he thought the 360 could have 390hr because it is very snappy,He said ya its not a 360 its a 340 its to wide to be a 360. I said' To me the 318,340,360 all look the same so I dont know'.I bought parts for a 360 tune up,they worked,He says they are all the same.'Still dont know what the size is only that it is snappy for a small block' I do know it does have a Slap Stick shifter.

Factory Options

This car has power steering,Lock Doors,Low Gas lights,Reverb switch for speakers.


I wish to find a Bubble Hood and trunk lid but havnt,At this point Im trying to find a shop to repaint it,and looking at race suspention and 4 wheel rotors. New Wheels like 19s for the front 20s for the back.

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