1973 Pontiac Firebird (455)

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She’s just a bird. Not a TA, not a Formula, not an Esprit, just a bird…..but…. she’s my bird. She’s loud and proud and getting rarer by the year. You don’t see many of these on the road in my neck of the woods anymore. You’ll see the Camaros, Mustangs and Chevelles, but not these old birds. Makes me happy that we brought her back to life. :o)

We bought her for 500 bucks and let me tell you she was thrashed. Bondo and rust in the doors, quarters, trunk. Fenders beaten and bruised. Dash bezel painted hunter green and you had to flip a button on the dash to start her up.

What a poor little broken bird she was. So,so sad.

We’ve replaced the deck lid, fenders, grills and the drivers door. Cut out rust and welded in new pieces on the quarters and in the trunk. Got her back pretty smooth again, more like her former self. Put a quick paint on her just to get her sealed. New headliner, door panels, turned machined dash bezel and windshield. 76 formula hood to replace the beat up original.

Definately still a work in progress. Thinkin that I want to paint her a Black Cherry color.


The car was a 350 auto. We’ve transplanted a 71 pontiac 455 into her. Rebuilt the engine in June ’06, bored .030 over, Comp Cams Xtreme Engery cam, rebuilt 6x heads. Edelbrock rpm performer manifold and 750 cfm carb. Topped off the engine with Edelbrock signature series valve covers and matching air cleaner.
Took out the auto tranny and replaced it with a 4 speed manual. Still looking to replace the rearend gears or we need to go with a 5 speed tranny.

Factory Options

Factory air.


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