1977 Pontiac Trans Am (MY BIRD AKA N.B.R.)

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I was sixteen when I purchased My Bird. It was a project from the start. Engine overhaul, standard bore, all TRW forged steel parts, rods, dome pistons, crank. My mechanic was a good friend of my dad, he built racecars. He went thru the heads, HO D port,stainless valves, then the Pontiac 400 block was cleaned, After a good hone job, the bore checked out as standard and things went together well. He also went thru the Rodchester 750 4bbl, changed the metering rods. I had plenty of power and an adverage m.p.g. of 17, not bad for a 400. After I finished the body work, I gave it an all over paint job. Black with gold flake. Looks cool in the sun. Bandit style pin stripe and it was good to go, for about a month. After break in, I opened it up, you know, to see what it had, well, the tranny didn’t like all of that torque. The Turbo 350 spilled it’s guts and that was that. Back to my friend. A week later and an new order of TRW parts, I was back on the road. Next, I twisted the crap out of the axles. A pair of stainless shafts were ordered and a new set of Michelin EPX Sports and life has been good.
320,000 miles later, yes. I change my oil every 3,000 miles and I only ues AC Delco PF24 oil filters, I am about to do a full off frame restoration. I’ll keep you posted. Photos on the way.


Pontiac Big Block 400 T/A 6.6 4 bbl. Rodchester 750
Trubo 350 A/T
0-60 5.6 sec.
Top Speed 178mph

Factory Options

Tilt, A/C, Power windows, AM/FM 8 Track, Leather,
Pontiac 400 HO, Turbo 350 A/T


TRW Forged Steel Crank, Dome Pistons, Rods.


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