1978 Datsun 280Z (The frog)

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Another Z car that came and went after a few years of ownership. Southern car, very nice body and interior into which a small block chevy was inserted backed by a 4 speed automatic. The 2nd automatic V8 Z I have owned and I don’t think I will go that route again. I had this car for about 3 years and used it fairly often, reliable and even the tamest of the sbc give them a lot of power and sound. It got the most attention of any car I have owned to date because of that Chrysler color on it. You could not help but notice this car. It has now moved on to a new owner and I am busy finishing another V8 car as I write this.


Chevrolet 305 V8

Factory Options



16 inch 8 inch wide ROH lightweight rims
early 240Z fiberglass bumpers
240Z seats
V8 conversion of course
235 rear and 215 front tires
3 inch exhaust

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