1978 Pontiac Trans Am (Super Chicken)

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Got this car from a dealership in Guymom Ok. My wife wanted it really bad i didn’t want it, the only thing good about it at the time was the engine. The trans was shot,suppension exhaust everything about it was bad. She wanted it so i got it for her. We fixed it up to drivable condition and made a lot of trips to see her family in Califorina. We got a devorce in 98 and she took the 4 wheel drive instead of the car. I’ve kept the thing around for a long time not doing anything to it until a couple of years ago i decided to restore it (and Modify).


400 Pontiac engine, HP 500, Torque 494 ft lbs. No 1/4 mile runs have been done yet. Top speed so far 160 mph, and that is spooky.

Factory Options

Black Deluxe interior with power windows and rally gages


Butler Performance Rotating assembly, roller rockers bored out 60 over, Doug Herbert custom ground roller cam, Comp lifters and valve springs, ported and polished heads from a 69 GTO. Trans Mission has been change to a 200 4R modified with a kit from PATC. Exhaust start with a set of Headman long tube headers going into a 3 inch pipe to flowmaster mufflers with 2.5 inch tail pipes, 3 inch tails didn’t clear spring enough had to down size. Rear end, changed gears to 3.43’s.


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