1978 Pontiac Trans Am Black on Black (Trans Am)

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Picture it … 1981 just turned 16 and been saving money for 3 years to pick up a Y82 SE T/A … I thought I was it for at least 5 years and drove the car so hard it should have been a crime and believe it or not traded for a pick up truck. Who knew that car would have been worth 4-8 times what I originally paid (5,000) … Flash forward to 2012 longing for that car again looking for 6 months before I found the right one for the right price (still 2 1/2 times what I paid for a real Y82 in 1981) yeah it is a clone but give it a year and it will be a perfect clone. Already changed steering wheel, dash bezel, back to a Rochester carburetor from Holley, removed after market gauges, just ordered 7 inch snow flake wheels, dash panel and allot of missing parts. Would be perfect with in the next year and will never see the hard abuse I put on the first one as a teenager.


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