1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (T-top Monte Carlo)

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This is the center of my collection right now. I really wanted a 71 Chevelle, but you don’t get much of one of those for what I have into this. So for now I enjoy this as my muscle project. When I got it it wasn’t running and hadn’t run in many years. Well now I have it going and have a whole pile of parts to put into it.

I have alot of trick plans for this car and am really gettin geared up to get started on it. As soon as the snow is gone I should be ready to move quick on it.


The car came to me lowered 2″ sittin on Z28 rims with tinted windows and dual exhaust. the original motor has been bored out to a 301 and was said to have be rebuilt 7k miles ago.

It is a T-top car with power windows and power seat.


I am going to put dual buckets in the front and rear of the car and run a center console from the front dash to the rear window. Load it down with system and electronics. I got some 17″ wheels which you can see in the pic that I will be getting on the car directly. I got a built motor I may put in it but that wont be for a while, probably next fall. This car will be dressed out fine from trunk to nose when I’m done.


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