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1979 Pontiac Trans Am (Blackbird)

Last updated Dec 15, 2008  

Photo of a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am (Blackbird)

No longer owned


My story on it,
I live in northern IL, and we have a small vacation house in Mid Wisconsin... normally I am reluctant to go there because I always have work or I always wanted to spend time with my friends (I was 17 and in High School at the time.. i'm now 18 but i'm in college..)

Well one day I just had a big urge to go up there, for the sole purpose of watching Smokey and The Bandit... it had been my favorite movie for a while, even though I had only seen it once before that...
I think my dad purposely kept it in Wisconsin to lure me there... well it worked.

We watched it the night we went up there, and the next day we came back home...

On the way home, my dad had to stop about an hour away, way out of the way to get home, and I was frustrated because I was tired and just wanted to go home and sleep... Welll as we were coming back home, on roads that we normally wouldn't take to get home from Wisconsin,

There it was. In between 3 or 4 other cars that were for sale in an empty lot, I saw the black nose of a rusty 79 Trans AM with a cracked windshield, a very low back end, and a faded paint job.

My dad and I made a phone call, the guy was asking 1500 for the car, got it for 800.

While the car appeared to others as an old car that needed way too much work, the car was perfect in my eyes, I had never fallen so hard for anything in my life.

It was the only car I ever wanted.

I got the car the next day. I ended up having many many many problems with it.

Bad radiator, had to get new tires, had to change the alternator, had to change the fuel and brake lines because the fuel lines were leaking... brakes had alot of problems, barely drove the car because it always had heat problems til I changed the radiator and stuff,

but I never thought about it twice... I loved the thing and I was willing to put every cent I had into it.

Then I finally hit reality, my plates expired, and I ended up realizing that the car was way too much for me, with the way the car was running hot, it was probably not getting more than 10 miles per gallon and gas prices were around 4.30 here...

That was the end. I got the car April 14th, 2008, sold it September 5th 2008, It was hard to see it go, but not as hard as I thought it would be, and then once I saved up my money, I bought a 79 Camaro with a perfect body...

I will always love F Bodies, my Trans AM will always hold a special place in my heart. It taught me alot. Thats my story.


Olds 403 Engine, Automatic Transmission

Factory Options

Air Conditioning


10th Anniversary Turbo Wheels