1981 Kenworth Revell (Purple Haze)

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This is a model build. This took me over 4 months, about 240 hours. I had to scratch build the whole entire upper and lower rack on the rig. Built framing and lowered the fith wheel. Added 4 white 5mm LED’s for the headlights, 4 amber 3mm LED’s for the side lights, 2 amber 3mm LED’s for the roof lights, and 2 red 5mm LED’s for the taillights. Had to strech the chassis to squeeze in the sleeper cab I got from Earl (ewaskew).
On the trailer I scratch built all the front lower framing for the batterys and the extention for the king pin. Build the side framing for 30 amber 3mm LED’s. Added 2 amber and 2 red 5mm LED’s for taillights with 3 red 3mm LED’s for center brake lights.


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