1985 Honda CB650 Nighthawk Blue (Slycycle)

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Price: 1500.00
Mileage: 25000.00 miles
Color: Blue


Bought this bike to ride to work. My commute is about 70 miles a day. This bike gets 55 mpg and is relatively low maintenence. I figured it would save me about $100/mo in gas but I’m saving more than that because now I leave my VW Jetta at home and my wife drives that instead of the E350 Powerstroke van.


650cc inline 4 cylinder
6 speed trans
4 carbs

Factory Options

Hydraulic tappets
Shaft Drive


Drilled out the ends of the mufflers to make it a bit louder. I was so quiet I could barely tell it was running.

New clutch with heavier EBC springs

K&N Air Filter which I cut to have a larger inlet. Then I matched the airbox inlet to the filter inlet and pulled off the inlet snorkle.

Carbs rejetted: 115s are stock. They would barely run after the K&N filter and airbox mods. I tried 120s and it was still very lean. I went to 135s and I’m getting lot’s more midrange power. Still working on the 7-9K rpm range. I think there’s more untapped power up there.

I’m running Rottela synthetic 5w-40 oil. I think it shifts better. All else seems to be the same.


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