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Aug 10, 2012 at 10:19 am
Thank you!
joseph_16’s Profile Photo
Aug 9, 2012 at 7:43 am
Nice looking bird! Impressed with u getting involved with cars at a young age. Very nice profile on your car and awards and trophys i hope u get the car to where u want it someday.
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Nov 4, 2011 at 9:14 am
Very nice Firebird ! Pontiac all the way ! Love the fact that you kept it all these years.

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1987 Pontiac Firebird Coupe (RAIF)

Last updated Dec 29, 2008  

Photo of a 1987 Pontiac Firebird Coupe (RAIF)


I got my 87 back in 1989. I was 15 and it was 2 years old and believe it or not, I still have it.

**(Pics are one of a friend's car that is identical to mine when it was stock)**

Thanks to some help over the years, be it from my father or from my x-boyfriends (yep, I'm a girl), I learned that working on cars is not as hard as I had thought. Its just taking things one step at a time!

I started out modifying the bird with the typical starter mods: tint and wheels. Then I moved on with the smaller easier stuff: stereo, lighting & emblems. The more serious modifying began in late 1999: gfx, engine detailing, interior detailing, & the more more aggressive wheels and tires!

In 2000, came the car shows. After that first show I learned alot....

Things snowballed from there! In 2001, I joined a local Firebird and Camaro club, ACFA, and met my x- best friend Joe. At that time we began modifying & customizing cars, learning more each & every day & show. As per usually I was always pushing the limits! I have always wanted to make RAIF something special that stands out and has personality. Joe brought the mechanical knowledge to compliment my stereo, interior, and body modifications. Personally, I thought we made a pretty darn good team. It has taken tons of hard custom work to do it, but I think the car was finally there. So did the judges it seemed! (Show results listed at the bottom of this page)

The car remained a daily driver through the whole process. It was not until my last show in Feb of 2006, that things changed. I finally decided that I had to take the car even further to keep going up the ladder to further showing & performance sucess.

Well what started out as a simple repair to a cracked head, snowballed into quite a bit more. Since the motor had to be done and the head replaced, I decided to take my port job on the heads further then the last time to go with the larger custom intake. We beefed up the valve springs and got a good valve job. I ported the lower runners to go with the heads and new intake. Then there was talk of taking the car to the next level.

So the wiring was to be rerouted cleanly, the bay repainted gloss black, the enigne and accessories would recieve a coat of true candy apple red, the tubular crossmember would finally get installed with the coliover set up. The brake and fuel lines would be redone with a custom routed in a polished stainless line....

Well the car is still sitting, Joe and I don't talk anymore, very sore subject. Read more in my blog about friends....


NOPI REGIONALS: Snellville, GA. (March) Top 10
TIGER PAW: Stockbridge, GA. (May) Top 5 “Sports car”
NOPI REGIONALS: Snellville, GA. (June) Top 5 “Domestic”
NOPI NATIONALS: Pigeon Forge, TN. (July) 3rd in “American Car Mild Division”
WHITLEE: Perry, GA. (July ?) 1st in “3rd gen. Firebird Modified”
GODFATHER CUSTOMS: Conyers, GA. (August) Top 50 “Car Division”
ACFA LABOR DAY SHOW: Fayetteville, GA. (Sept) Top 100
GAFBA FALL SHOOTOUT: Reynolds, GA. (Sept. 30, 2001)
Did not compete!
JONESBORO HIGH SCHOOL SHOW: Jonesboro, GA. (Oct.) Top 15

SOUTHERN TRANSAM REGIONALS SHOW: Pensacola, FL. (March 15th-17th) 2nd “82 to present Heavy Custom”
WHITLEE LAKEWOOD: Atlanta, GA. (April 6th-7th) 1st in “3rd gen. Firebird Custom”
GAFBA SPRING SHOOTOUT: Reynolds, GA. (April 28th, 2002) Runner up 15.00 and up Bracket racing
GODFATHER CUSTOMS: Conyers, GA. (May 11th) Top 50 “Car Division”
THE FBODY GATHERING: Marietta, GA. (May 24th-27th) 1st “Full Custom”
SUPER CHEVY SHOW: Commerce, GA. (June 1-2) 1st “Conversion Street”
2002 NOPI MINI TRUCKIN' NATIONALS: Sevierville, TN. (June 28th-30th) 1st “Domestics Wild”
BUFFALO'S CAFE: Jonesboro, GA. (July 13th) Top 10
LOWER PERFECTION’S SLAP SHOW: Marietta, GA. (July 21st) 1st “Domestics Full Custom”
T/A NATIONALS: Dayton, OH. (Aug 23-25) 1st “HEAVY CUSTOM 1982-1992”
LAKEWOOD SLAP SHOW: Atlanta, GA. (Sept 7th-8th) 1st “Domestics Custom” & “Best Engine”
SUPER CHEVY: Montgomery, AL. (Sept. 29h) 1st “Modified Conversion”
LOVEJOY HIGH SCHOOL: Lovejoy, GA. (Oct. 5th) Top 20
COVINGTON BLAST FROM THE PAST: Covington, GA. (Oct. 6th) top 50 “80 and newer”
GAFBA FALL SHOOTOUT: Reynolds, GA. (Oct. 20, 2002)
Did not compete!
BIRMINGHAM F-BODY ASSOCIATION SHOW: Birmingham, AL. (Oct. 26th) 1st “82-92 Custom”

WORLD OF WHEELS: Birmingham, AL. (Feb. 7-9th) 1st “Gold Star Series 80-90 Hardtop Conservative”
SOUTHERN TRANSAM REGIONALS SHOW: Pensacola, FL. (March 15th-17th) 1st “82 to 92 Heavy Custom”
THE FBODY GATHERING: Marietta, GA. (May 23th-25th) 1st “Full Custom”
SUPER CHEVY SHOW: Commerce, GA. (May 30th-June 1) Runner Up “Conversion Modified”
NOPI MINI TRUCKIN' NATS: Bristol, TN. (July 12th-13th) 1st “Domestic Wild”
TRANS AM NATIONALS: Dayton, OH. (August 22nd-24th) Winners Circle “HEAVY CUSTOM 1982-1992”

GAFBA SPRING SHOOTOUT: Reynolds, GA. (March 13, 2004)
Did not compete!
SOUTHERN TRANSAM REGIONALS SHOW: Forth Walton Beach, FL. (March 26th-28th) 1st “82 to 92 Heavy Custom”
SOUTHERN TRANSAM REGIONALS SHOW: Forth Walton Beach, FL. (March 26th -28th) American Cancer Society Award “Specialty Award”
THE FBODY GATHERING: Marietta, GA. (May 30th & June 1st) 1st “Full Custom”
THE FBODY GATHERING: Marietta, GA. (May 30th & June 1st) 5th “Stereo Install”
BUFALLO CAFÉ SHOW: Stockbridge, GA. (May 8th) Top 10
SUPER CHEVY SHOW: Commerce, GA. (June 6th) Runner Up “Conversion All 49 and up”
BELLAMY STRICKLAND SHOW: McDonough, GA. (June 12th) Top 30
NOPI MINI TRUCKIN' NATS: Bristol, TN. (July 10th-11th) “Best V-6 Engine”
NOPI MINI TRUCKIN' NATS: Bristol, TN. (July 10th-11th) 2nd “Camaro & Firebird Mild”
TRANS AM NATIONALS: Dayton, OH. (August 28th-29th) 2nd “HEAVY CUSTOM 1982-1992”
OLD TIPPECANOE CRUISE-IN: Tipp City, OH. (August 28th-29th) People's Choice: "Special Wish Kid's Pick”
NOPI NATIONALS: Atlanta, GA. (Sept. 18th-19th) 2nd “Firebird Mild”
SUPER CHEVY: Montgomery, AL. (Sept. 26th) 1st “Street Conversion”

SOUTHERN TRANSAM REGIONALS SHOW: Forth Walton Beach, FL. (April 9-11th) 2nd “82 to 92 Heavy Custom”
SOUTHERN TRANSAM REGIONALS SHOW: Forth Walton Beach, FL. (April 9-11th) Specialty Award: "Best Interior"
YEAR ONE BASH: Braselton, GA. (April 22-24th) RAIF & I were filmed for RIDES (yet to air)
F-BODY GATHERING 9: Atlanta, GA. (May 27th-30th)
1st "Full Custom 82-92 Firebird"
"Best Stereo Install" ... 5th in "SLP"
SUPER CHEVY: Commerce, GA. (June 4-6th) Winner "Conversion Street"

WORLD OF WHEELS: Atlanta, GA. (Feb. 17) Runner up “Gold Star Series 80-90 Hardtop Custom”

(the car was classed in the wrong class, but it made it apparent that we had to make some serious upgrades)


Shows are not the only recognition RAIF has recieved. He has been mentioned in both a book & magazine!

Marc Cranswick's
"Pontiac Firebird The Auto-biography"

High Performance Pontiac:
October 2002
"Southern Hospitality T/A Style"

High Performance Pontiac:
Feature article pending...


August 23rd, 2005 was the Debut of TLC's RIDES Episode "Driven". This episode has multiple footage of my car along with my interview! How's that for recognition! :D


Last but not you can see at the top of the site...CarDomain awarded this site "Show Of Off the Week" for the week of April 25th-May 1st of 2005!
Thanks again CarDomain staff!

Hawks Third Gen Parts
Interior: seat covers and red hampton vinyl inserts on interior panels.
Various fbody related exterior and drivetrain components!

Car Motor Sports
Custom embroidered: Floormats, t-top bag, Show mat, fender covers, & car cover!

ProKit lowering springs... Thanks to the local GA rep!

Spies Hecker
A Spies Hecker rep has both painted and provided paint for all the projects on this vehicle!

Truleo Design
Full custom intake manifold and tuning chips!


3.4L V-6
HP: 160
TQ: 200

CURRENTLY with the 3.4L modified with cam, ported heads, 65mm TB, Truleo Intake manifold, custom PFE headers, 3in mandrel bent exhaust, Flowmaster muffler, and NO TUNING.

Max Power = 143.0 @ rear wheels (+20%) = 171.60hp @ the fly wheel
Max Torque = 258.1 @ rear wheels (+20%) = 309.72ft-lbs @ the fly wheel

This puts me at 11hp over stock 3.4 numbers...granted my heads are 160,000 miles w/o a valve job and the tune is so far off! I expect this number to sky rocket with the tune and heads right!
My torque is 109.72ft/lbs over stock 3.4 numbers! There you go!!!

My gains with the TRULEO Intake...
Horsepower gains...2HP (Low due to the Air/Fuel being so bad)
Torque gains...36ft/lbs (Curve should hold longer with the tune better)

The Air/Fuel ratio is HORRIBLE!!! It should be around 13! The Dyno guy said this being so far off will kill my HP and cause my TQ curve to fall off prematurly. He expects massive gains with the right tune! A valve job with help with the HP as well.

Factory Options

Deluxe interior.


SunCoast RAM Air Hood
Shaved door handles, antenna, & bump strips/ Shaved and relocated gas filler
Flush and smoothed in TA fender vents in front fenders
Custom Spoiler: 1988 (½ yr production) RS Camaro & Stock (82-92) Firebird
1993-2002 Firebird side mirrors
1991/2 Camaro Ground effects on the sides
1984 Ground Effects on the front and rear bumpers
1984 Firebird spoiler mounted upside down under rear ground effects
Black bumper inserts changed: custom designed reflective red inserts (frt/rear)
4- 1970’s Firebird emblems replacing stock emblems
“Ram Air V6” Emblems from 2001 Grand Am (3)
“RAIF” (Ram Air Inducted Firebird) emblem: custom designed and made (rear)
“RAIF” reflective decals on the side ground effects
Custom light holes cut in the front bumper w/ inlaid Plexiglas and mesh
Red Mirror Tint
Red vinyl on top and bottom of the windshield w/ Black vinyl framing back window
2002 Repainted 1987 Firebird Bright red & 1987 universal black (Spies-Hecker)
Black soundproofing undercarriage
Red soundproofed gas tank


Custom Headlight conversion: Non-popup: Pilot 55watt HID sim. driving lights
Pilot 55watt HID simulated driving lights (fog lights)
Custom made clear rear side marker lights
Custom made clear front turn signals
Clear front side marker signals
All front and side turn signal lights are red APC LED Bulbs
6 pairs of red Pilot Strobes
2 Red “egg” lights on either side of the fog lights

Red K.I.T.T. light added to the center of the front ground effect
Taillights: black painted red and emblems added
Rear turn signal extended & amber painted transparent red
50 watt back up bulbs
2-Street Glow Blue Line “Red” Underbody Neon Kits
6- Street Glow 12 in. slimline neon tubes
Liteglow underbody neon kit

1982 PMD seats
Seats recovered w/ Hawks 3rd Gen Parts red & black Hampton vinyl seat covers
Chrome fire extinguisher
Custom Smoked Covers for gauges
Custom Smoked Covers for air conditioning control plate
Custom flush mounted KITT light controller box
Wheel skins red & black leather steering wheel cover
Custom fit 1991 Firebird center console shift indicator
Black shift boot replacing light gray
Spectre Carbon Fiber Shift lever
Custom Carbon Fiber like covered Brake lever
Custom Made Carbon Fiber Radio and Center console plates
Car Motorsports custom aftermarket red & black embroidered floor mats
Car Motorsports custom embroidered t-top bag
1997 GM rear view mirror with map lights
Overhead center console w/ custom switch panel
Black headliner, rear speaker cover plates, & carpet
Red Hampton vinyl custom installed with black piping on cargo & door panels
Red rear armrests
Swapped in black interior plastic panels
Red 1992 Camaro front seatbelts
Pilot Dragon seatbelt pads
Redline dragon pedals
Red dragon sunglass holders
Red Speaker covers
Added all red to interior (hand painted red trim and Firebird emblems)

All interior lights are red
Added lights to cargo area
6- Quest Red neon tubes under seats and in rear cargo


Entire car, inside and out, sound proofed w/ Duplicolor Sound Eliminator
to maximize stereo sound w/in vehicle & to eliminate typical bass rattle.

Alpine din and ½ CD receiver (CDA-D852)

Sony 10 disc changer

Pioneer after market speakers:
***4X6 plates in dash
***6X9 3-ways in rear side wall
***5-¼ 2-ways custom added to doors

2- 12inch Volfanhag Dual Voice Coil Subs

Custom sub box for the 12in subs

***US Acoustics 50 X 4 (160 X 2)

Distribution block (1- 4 gauge in and 3- 8 gauge out)


Gloss Black Engine Compartment
Candy Apple red painted: Lower runners, pulleys, brackets, steering box, wiper motor cover, brake booster, starter, oil pan, oil filter, Fiero valve covers, heads, block, & transmission,
Truleo silver power coated custom intake & Accufab polished aluminum Ford 65mm TB
CoolFlex red powder coated radiator hoses
Braided stainless fuel lines
Taylor Red spark Plug Wires
Thermo Tech Thermo Shield (high heat wire loom)
Taylor red wire looms
Red silicone hoses
Relocated Charcoal Canister
Red anodized Spectre bolt covers, radiator cap, & oil dipstick knob
LoKar transmission braided stainless dipstick tube w/ billet knob
Radiator painted with VHT Red metal tint
Polished Stock Aluminum: Belt tensioner, Master Cyl., steering box cover plate, AC canister, AC lines
Polished Accents: bracket fins, valve cover fins, timing cover, AN fittings, button head bolts, brake lines
Billet: Mr. Gasket AC Clutch cover, March alternator pulley, cover, & fan, & Billet Specialties Master Cyl. Reservoir Lid
Polished Stainless Fluid Reservoirs
Chrome: Mr. Gasket A/C Compressor cover & power steering cap, Spectre bolt covers
Chromed professionally: strut covers, hood latches, alternator, power steering bracket
Battery relocated to the rear
Custom MSD hidden mounting plate
Hidden Stock Wiring
Welded holes and filled battery trays


Engine swap: 1995 Camaro 3.4L V-6
SunCoast Ram Air Box
K & N Air Filter
MAF sensor screen removed
Throttle Body coolant bypass
EGR System eliminated
19lb Ford fuel injectors
Holley Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
MSD Dual Connector Coil
Accel distributor cap and rotor button painted red with brass contacts
Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Wires
AC DELCO Rapid-fire plugs
Distributor blueprinted
Custom Truleo Intake
65mm Ford Throttle body
Extreme ported & polished: Lower runners (Intake Base), & heads.
Comp Cams 1.6 Roller tip rocker arms
Comp Cams 986-16 Springs
Multi Angle Valve Job
Reed Cam: TM276/282H12A2 (223/228 w/ 471/480 lift on 112 int C/L is 108)
Comp Cams timing chain set & lifters
Sneaky Pete NOS system
ASP Underdrive crank pulley
PF&E 304 stainless headers
Custom 2.5 to 3in y-pipe (All exhaust Mandrel Bent)
Flowtech 3 in. cutout
Magnaflow 3in. high flow catalytic converter
3in Flowmaster American Thunder mandrel bent catback system
Custom dual 2.5 in outlet pipes w/ 4 square tips
Chrome Spectre valve cover breather filter
160 degree thermostat w/ Hypertech fan switch
Aluminum 4th Gen Driveshaft
1994 4th Gen Torque Arm
TransGo shift kit
Neal Racing Transmissions 2800 stall converter
TCI transmission cooler w/ Earl’s –6 AN fittings and stainless braided lines
Neal Racing Transmissions Performance 700r4 rebuild with all the goodies


17-in Chrome Front Wheel Drive 4 lug (Datsun) Niche Serpents
Spacer/Adapter to fit FWD 4 lug rim on RWD 5 lug car
BF Goodrich Red Scorchers (245/45 R17)
Eibach Pro-Kit
KYB GR-2 Shocks & Struts (painted red)
Slotted & Drilled frt. Rotors (painted VHT red metal tint)
1984 Trans Am 3.73 disc brake rear end (painted red) w/ chrome diff. cover
Earl’s Hyperfirm stainless braided brake hoses
Brake Calipers (painted red)
1986 Z28 Steering Box (candy apple red)
Iroc Z28 Wonder bar
34MM front and 24MM rear Sway bars (painted red)
Energy Suspension red polyurethane bushings, torque arm, tie rod & ball joint
AJE Racing tubular cross member
AJE Racing tubular front A-arms (red)
AJE Racing Front Coil over conversion Kit
Granatelli rear lower control arms (painted red)
BMR LCA relocation brackets (red)
Herb Adams adjustable Pan hard bar (painted red)
Spohn Sub frame Connectors (painted red)
BMR 3-point Strut Tower brace (red)

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