1987 Porsche 944 (Gretchen)

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Well, Gretchen is a work in progress. She needs some minor body work and a good freshening under the hood, all of which I plan to take care of in the spring. Until then, she’s a plain jane daily driver. Oh, I will also see to the sound system in the spring. Check back if Porsche is your thing, I will update as work progresses. 🙂


2.5L I4, 5 speed manual transaxle. Yes, transaxle. And yes, she’s RWD. On the 944 there’s just a “torque tube” or “torsion tube” running from the engine to the back of the car where the differential would be on a normal RWD, but here it’s the diferential and transmission in one: a transaxle. Makes for 50/50 weight distribution.

Factory Options

All the standard bells and whistles, plus the rare “rear reflector”.


None so far – plan to put a fiberwerks EVOII nose and a fiberwerks 944 tail on her before she goes for a Porsche L041 Black paint job with enough coats of clear to make her look wet all the time.


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