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Sep 16, 2010 at 7:44 pm
Sweet ride!
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Apr 1, 2010 at 7:14 pm
The Mini is cool too!

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1989 Austin Mini Sky (Bluebelle)

Last updated Mar 15, 2014  

Photo of a 1989 Austin Mini Sky (Bluebelle)


February 2001 when we brought "Bluebelle", a limited edition Mini Sky circa 1989 (on a G plate). It has a Diamond White body with a pretty sky blue roof, and was almost completely original. Initially we just wanted something a little more economical than my classic Rover V8. I loved the idea of owning a Mini, so after searching classic car magazines we found this one only a mile or so away advertised in the local paper. The first month of driving the tiny car around I couldn't stop smiling! And noticed as I drove around that others smile too, little children tug on their mums arm and point, people stop me at the shops and happily tell me about their mini's....other mini owners flash their lights and wave frantically as we pass each other!!

Driving a mini is so much fun and makes everyone feel really happy. I sometimes think about having a modern car, but could never part with my cheeky little mini's! . Just a trip to the local shops is enough to make me cheerful, no... I can't imagine not having a mini!


1989 - Just 1000 SKY and ROSE limited edition Minis were built by Rover in total, meaning only 500 Mini Sky were made! Based on the 'City', both cars shared Diamond White bodywork, but with roof colours that easily made each version identifiable - pastel Sky blue for the Mini Sky and pastel Rose pink for the Mini Rose.

Factory Options

The plastic hub caps were contemporary with the time but finished in Diamond White. Exterior trim was grey, which included bumpers, handles and mirrors.

The Sky's interior trim matched its softer exterior, with grey Crayons fabric seats complementing the lighter grey interior, and a factory fitted stereo radio/cassette player. Both models had the city's double dashboard display. Cost when new - £4,695

Arguably, the Mini Sky and Rose are the prettiest of all Limited Editions, and sadly not many remain in their original form. Some have received identity changes and appear at shows and for sale in new colours or as cooper look-a-likes. It may be a pity, but who knows, some time in the future they may be least for now they are safe!


none, its all original.

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