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May 24, 2010 at 5:56 pm
nice girl you pick her up in that thing lol lucky guy i need a carlo now
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Sep 24, 2009 at 9:55 pm
My dad (RangeMan) nailed it! Our Lumina was transportation, your Monte Carlo is a CAR!
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Sep 24, 2009 at 8:55 pm
I used to have the 4-door version of your car (a Lumina). Former rental, below base model, but mine was an ugly green, not bright red. If I had only known it could turn out like this.....

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1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Clone (Tears Of Crimson)

Last updated Nov 9, 2009  

Photo of a 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Clone (Tears Of Crimson)


this car started a lowly and sad life, was one of 61 created espically for a company called "national car rentals". it was below the base model, and as ive gotten all the history on my car it was used, abused, wasnt even taken back to the dealership for its recalls. so after many years of being abused as a rental car it was purchased by my father at some sort of auction back in 04. feburary of 05 my father came to me and gave me this car to drive while he took my 45mpg honda away with him...well needless to say a 97 monte vs a 86 accord of course i suckered my way into getting the monte from him...BIG MISTAKE! within months the engine blew a lower intake gasket and flooded with coolant so i got that fixed, and then it did it again a few months later so the car sat for many months until i decided "its time to drop a L67 into this car" so i took out a loan and did just that. well the poor tranny couldnt handle the engine so $2280.04 later (And yes AAA transmissions made me pay the 4 cents b4 they would hand over the keys) i now have a bulletproof transmission that can handle this engine. so with the powertrain handled i decided its time to go with looks, so i lowered the car almost 3", installed a billet grill, and chrome euro headlights, customized *most* of the interior,(im still looking for black leather seats), guages on the a pillar and under the ashtray, installed a dual flowmaster exhaust setup with high flow magnaflow cats and resonator deletes. put some american racing wheels on the car with some goodyear rubber. wing and gfx *yes i know people hated it and their gone now*, and then i got real crazy and dumped 6 12s in the trunk and a trunk lid to finish the trunk off completely. the list goes on and on but i took a below base model made for rental monte carlo ls and turned it into a show winning, eye turning, neck poppin monte carlo ss clone and its finally getting the respect that the monte carlo name deserves.

now as to whats next... i wanna do a side exit exhaust, tint the windows 20%, hop up to 17s or 18s, and a bodykit. and hopefully those leather seats im still searching for lol

Factory Options

none its a frieken ls i had to do everything myself


quite obvioius LOL

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