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1997 GMC Jimmy SLS (Ummm, Jimmy, I guess)

Last updated Jul 6, 2009  

Photo of a 1997 GMC Jimmy SLS (Ummm, Jimmy, I guess)

No longer owned


I bought the Jimmy in 2004 as a second vehicle for my wife. I picked it up cheap due to some minor body damage and failing fuel pump. I had a local shop replace the fuel pump and drove it for church & such when the whole family was going. The body damage is minor. The driver’s front fender is slightly bent at the corner, the headlight lens is cracked (still works, though), the bumper is scuffed, & the grill is broken. Also, there is a dent in the driver’s side of the rear bumper & tailgate.

A year after having the fuel pump replaced, the intake manifold gasket started to leak externally (typical on GM's 4.3L V6). I was working at Goodyear at the time so I stayed after work & replaced it myself. When I was putting it back together I asked a more experienced mechanic to help me put the distributor back in to be sure I got it right. He took it out from where I had it & put back in the opposite way saying I had it backwards. When we started it, BOOM! Apparently I had it right, and he put it in backwards. It backfired so hard it blew the plastic upper plenum off the engine. I pulled it back apart, put in another new set of gaskets and a new upper plenum before putting the distributor in myself. When I got it back together it started right up great. The problem is that it now has a knock. Assuming it was a collapsed lifter from the backfire, I pulled it apart again to check it out. The lower end seems fine (knock is definitely coming from the top of the engine). I pulled all of the lifters & pushrods and they all seem fine (rolled smooth on a piece of glass). We’re assuming it probably has a bent valve in one of the heads (sounds like the driver’s side).

The original plan was to replace the head with a junkyard part and drive it again, but I just never got around to it. It’s very fixable, I, honestly, just don’t want to. We don’t really need the truck anymore and it’s just been taking up space for way too long now. At one time I had decided to part it out so there are a couple of items missing now. The A/C Compressor is gone (the rest of the A/C system is there and had no leaks). Also, the rear windshield wiper motor is gone (not that most of us ever use that anyways!). The tires have tread and hold air, but they are getting old. They’re useable for now, but probably only for another year or so. The interior is about what you’d expect, fairly clean, but obviously used. I’m a neat freak, so it was cleaned on a regular basis when I was using it, but I’m not the first owner. The rest of the body is in good shape. It’s not rusty and the windows are all good. All of the power options work. As a matter of fact, everything else works.


Production Years:
1995 - 2005

1997 GMC Jimmy: $20,639 - $24,487
1997 GMC Jimmy 4-Door SLS 4WD: $24,487


Body Style:
2-Door SUV
4-Door SUV

Standard (1995): 4.3L V6
Standard (1996-2005): 4.3L Vortec V6 4300

Engine Type:
Unleaded Gasoline

Engine Configuration:
90-Degree V6

Engine Size:
4293cc / 262cid / 4.3L

Cylinder Bore:

Cylinder Stroke:

Compression Ratio:

Block Type:
Cast Iron

Cylinder Head Type:
Cast Iron

Overhead Valves

Valves per Cylinder:
2 Valves

Fuel System:
1995 4.3L LB4 V6 TBI / VIN Z: Throttle Body Injection
1995 4.3L L35 V6 CMFI / VIN W: Central Multi-Port Fuel Injection
1996-98 4.3L Vortec V6 CSFI / VIN W: Central Sequential Fuel Injection
1996-98 4.3L Vortec V6 CSFI / VIN X: Central Sequential Fuel Injection

1995 4.3L LB4 V6 TBI / VIN Z: 155hp @ 4300rpm
1995 4.3L L35 V6 CMFI / VIN W: 191hp @ 4300rpm
1996-98 4.3L Vortec V6 CSFI / VIN W: 175hp @ 4300rpm
1996-98 4.3L Vortec V6 CSFI / VIN X: 190hp @ 4300rpm

1995 4.3L LB4 V6 TBI / VIN Z: 235ft-lbs @ 2800rpm
1995 4.3L L35 V6 CMFI / VIN W: 260ft-lbs @ 2800rpm
1996-2005 4.3L Vortec V6 CSFI / VIN W: 240ft-lbs @ 2800rpm
1996-2005 4.3L Vortec V6 CSFI / VIN X: 250ft-lbs @ 2800rpm

Standard: 4-Speed Automatic
Optional (Late 1996): 5-Speed Manual

Standard: Rear Wheel Drive
Optional: Part-Time 4 Wheel Drive
Optional: All Wheel Drive

Fuel Economy:
4.3L V6 / Automatic: 16mpg City / 21mpg Highway
4.3L V6 / Manual: 17mpg City / 22mpg Highway

Standard Payload:
(Varies w/ model & options)
919lbs - 1,257lbs

Maximum Payload:
(Varies w/ model & options)
919lbs - 1,257lbs

Standard Towing:

Maximum Towing:
(Varies w/ model & options)
5,000lbs - 5,500lbs

Gross Trailer Weight:
Un-braked: 1,000lbs
Braked: 4,500lbs

Maximum Trailer Nose Weight:

Maximum Legal Load:

Front Axle Weight:

Rear Axle Weight:

Front Brake System:
Ventilated Disc with Anti-Lock

Rear Brake System:
Drum with Anti-Lock

Front Suspension:
Torsion Beam with Stabilizer Bar

Rear Suspension:
Leaf Spring with Shock Absorber

Drag Coefficient:

(Varies w/ model & options)
2-Door: 174.70in - 177.30in
4-Door: 181.20in - 188.80in


(Varies w/ model & options)
64.20in - 67.00in

2-Door: 100.50in
4-Door: 107.00in

Ground Clearance:
(Varies w/ model & options)

Front Track Width:

Rear Track Width:

Turning Radius:

Curb Weight:
2-Door: 3,867lbs
4-Door: 4,071lbs

Maximum Cargo Volume:
2-Door: 66.90cu-ft
4-Door: 74.10cu-ft

Fuel Capacity:
2-Door: 20.00gal
4-Door: 19.00gal

Seating Capacity:
2-Door: 4 Passengers
4-Door: 6 Passengers

Front Head Room:

Maximum Front Leg Room:

Rear Head Room:

Maximum Rear Leg Room:

Factory Options

SLS Package
Air Conditioning
Roof Rack
Privacy Glass
Towing Package
Power Windows
Power Locks
Power Steering
4-Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System
Pushbutton On-Demand 4-Wheel Drive
Cargo Cover
Cargo Net
AM/FM/CD Player


K&N Air Filter

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