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Aug 30, 2009 at 9:57 pm
It takes a real man to admit his mistakes! You've got one great Chevy and one great Mopar now... And not a Ford in sight!

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1999 Ford Expedition eddie bauer (big old danger)

Last updated Sep 28, 2009  

Photo of a 1999 Ford Expedition eddie bauer (big old danger)

No longer owned


well i traded my escort in for the expedition and dam was that a bad choice! i though i liked it at first but after a week later i found out i didnt. reasons why is because 1 it was a red i didnt like but the tan trim made up for it, 2 stereo area of the dash was rlly cheap, 3 interior color was tan leather which im not to fawn of the seats were nice and big but the was not comfortable, 4 no chrome, 5 had 90k miles and was having problems, 6 VERY VERY slow compared to the durango had to hit the gas hard to even move much, 7 loud but not a mean v8 rumble loud, and the only good thing was that it was slightly higher then others because of the off road tires that were on it they were full all terrain ones but bigger tread then stock and the rims were blk cragers which i like cragers i just didnt like how they were blk, 7 couldnt park ANYWHERE well its actually harder for me to park in the durango now because i park a mile away from anyone so i dont get any dents or scratches lol. 8 had about 8mpg yes my durango only has about 12 or less because i race alot. but ya i traded the expedition in after just 1 month and got the durango and now im ALOT happier! yes i did own fords the escort was good with only 37k miles on her and didnt have problems and wasnt even tooken care of but the expedition no that suv was bad.
the picture is from after i sold it back to the dealership. hell i would just walk around alot lookin at cars to see what they got.
srry about being so mean to it but dam it just wasnt good


i belive 5.4 trition, hp i think is somethin like 240 but probaly less because of age and i dont think they rlly took care of it engine wise, torque about 300, 0-60 im thinking about 11 secs or so, quarter mile gotta be about 20 or so secs. top speed never raced in that thing but probaly about 90mph or so. auto tranny

Factory Options

eddie bauer trim, upgraded stereo, hud or somethin like that, air conditioning, leather seats, third row seats, and probaly more but cant think right now but it wasnt fancy i wish it had atleast chrome bumpers but NOPE! auto tranny


WHY even try it?

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