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2001 Pontiac Firebird Y87 (birdy)

Last updated Apr 14, 2010  

Photo of a 2001 Pontiac Firebird Y87 (birdy)


My car is a 2001 Pontiac Firebird V6 Y87. It is pretty much stock, all it has are the factory options listed below. This is my second and current car. I purchased my bird on June 14 of 2008. I was 17, right before my senior year of high school. It had 44,500 miles when I purchased it. I fell in love with Firebirds when I first laid eyes on a black Ws6 in one of those free magazines they have at stores. This was probably around 8th grade (2005). They wanted like 25k for it. After that, I fell in love with them and so began my quest to find the right bird. I wanted a firebird to be my first car but I could not find the right one for the right price and my dad wasn't cooperative so... I bought my first car in August of 2007 for about $2k, a Nissan. Well my dad bought it for me, he wanted something safe and he felt a firebird was not, so end of story lol. This is also around the time I started working so I began to save up my money to buy my bird. I searched on craiglist, autotrader, etc everyday just to see what was available. The year was 2008 so obviously these things were extinct but I still wanted to find a relatively "new" bird. I wanted low miles. Like everyone, I initially wanted a V8! Who doesn't lol! But i eventually realized that a v6 would be more practical for me. I was 17 and worked part-time. Insurance and gas, and the overall price of a V8 would be too much for me too afford, so I settled for a V6. I went to look at a handful of would be dream cars but there was always something that wasn't right with them. Eventually I began to literally lose hope and would only look online once a week or so instead of daily, I had given up. Then on craigslist I saw a dealer ad for my firebird, they had just gotten it in and they didn't even have pictures of it. It was just the written ad for a 2001 bird w/44k miles. The price was a solid price compared to others I had seen with higher miles and less options. This was a Thursday night. So i e-mailed the salesman that night. On Friday he responded and that day after-school I drove there with my mom. I saw the car and it was stunning! I wasn't crazy about the flashy paint at first but love it now. I drove it and liked it. I gave them a $100 to hold it for me until Saturday so I could figure out where I would get the loan for the car. I got a loan from my insurance company and drove to the dealer with the check and drove the car home on Saturday. I plan on restoring it in about 20 years. Don't plan on getting rid of it ever.


3.8 V6.
3:42 differential gear ratio.
16 gallon fuel tank.

Factory Options

It has the Sunset Orange Metallic paint, chrome wheels, monsoon sound, black leather, t-tops, and most importantly, it has the Y87 performance package. I like to think of it as the Ram Air Ws6 version for a v6 lol. This includes a posi rear end with 3.42 gears, a v8 steering ratio, front and rear sway bars, performance tires, and a factory dual exhaust. The tires and exhaust have been replaced by now of course.


No performance mods. I have only done regular maintenance like oil changes, air filter, fuel filter, injector cleaning, rear brakes. Winter of 09 I had my bird rustproofed at ziebart. I have also replaced the exhaust it had with stainless steel tips and a performance muffler. I've had body work done on two separate occasions, nothing too bad. The only problem I've ever had with the car was a bad coolant temperature sensor. I also used to have an alarm/remote starter, but I removed it, long story goes with that....
So I got the remote start/ alarm around march of 09. It worked great bla bla bla, time went on. Then one random day in June I notice that there is something wrong with the car. The temperature gauge was all the way down and the fans would stay on at all times. This was not like before. So I start thinking about what could be the cause and finally realize that "maybe" the alarm had something to do with this. So just to make sure and to find out, I went back to the shop that installed the alarm. i explained the symptoms and they disconnected the alarm to see what would happen. I drove around for a while and within an hour, everything went back to normal. So they reinstalled a newer version of the alarm and the car was fine. So I thought it was all good now. Then in November of the same year, it happened again. The fans were staying on and the temp gauge stopped reading. So once again, same procedure as before, the alarmed was disconnected and soon after, the car went back to normal. So assuming that the problem was caused by a bad alarm system, they reinstalled a newer updated version of the alarm. The third time it happened was in December of the same year. This time the check engine light came on as well. So I go back there and have them remove the entire alarm system completely, they do so; then their mechanic diagnoses the service light as a bad coolant temp sensor code. So they then clear the code from the car's memory and everything returns to normal, this time without the alarm system. This way we can see if the alarm is really the problem. In about a month the problem resurfaces, service light, fans on, no temp gauge; so i have the sensor replaced and reset the code and it has been fine ever since. It may seem obvious now that the alarm was not a problem since the problem persisted when the alarm was removed; but then how does one explain the first two incidents where the alarm was removed and then shortly after, the problem would be fixed and the car would be fine???? I still do not know if it could have played a role or not. Any advice or input would be much appreciated.

So yeah my car is basically stock.

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