2002 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air (Christine)

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This Is My 2nd TA…I owned a 1996 before I found Christine, I have her now for 3 years now…
We gave this TA this name because its survived 2 accidents…The first one I rearended a Toyota Corolla that decided a Green light meant Stop?…So we got her fixed and back on the road…this was 3 months after I got her? We’ve did a few Small Car Shows in the Albuquerque area, along with being in a local Firebird/TA Club there..
Then I was working on relocating to Washington State last Summer with no Luck?..So when I was ready to come back to Texas last August Christine took a serious hit to the rearend herself by a Girl texting on her Cell phone at the time and was dumb enough to tell the Cops this?…Well I actually got to drive her off the scene of the accident with bad damage to the rear part of the Car, needless to say that Girls’ Father had to Tow her little truck off? Christine went to the Body Shop…and after $8K and a month later she was back on the road again…..So we after those 2 bad Luck situations that she came out of is how we gave her that name…She and I have been thru “Hell & Back”…Together and will keep the memories going


5.7 litre V8
325 HP with the Ram Air WS6 Air Box
The Top Speed that I have taken Her too has been 115mph

Factory Options

Monsoon Sound System
Factory Chrome Wheels
Leather Seats


Ram Air Hood…on Vehicle when I purchased it
Custom Exhaust…Flowmaster Muffler
Custom Chrome Tips/Ends
Yellow Accents/Decals
Purchased/Installed WS6 Ram Air Box


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