2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4 (mopar madness)

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this is my 2004 dodge srt-4 this car is insane quick i paid in full cash $12,000 which is really cheap cause base price for a stock srt-4 is $23,000 you can get them used for $17,000-$18,000 that was the cheapest i seen then i found my baby it was sittin in some guys yard for 4 months he was hiding it so it didn’t get towed cause he could not make the payments so i asked him what was owed on the car and he said $12,500 but he if you got $11,000 i will take it and the tax,tag,title was close to $1,000 so i paid $12,000 for the car total after i got my car settlement for my 1997 eclipse was and when i filled out everything the list i had on the car came out to $31,800 dollars after everything they offered me different prices
1.offer was 15,000 then 2.nd offer was $18,500 3rd offer was $22,000 dollars and i took it went and got my srt-4 and
been happy ever since i love this car you can be rolling at 50-60 and just eat the tires all the way down the street in 3rd gear with no prob this is a dangerous car for sombodys first or even a second car for some of those stupid crazy speeding through designated area with kids


2.4 litre 4-cyl Dohc turbo 5-speed
top speed-160
0-60 4.9 sec on street tires
0-60 4.6 sec on street drags
1/4 mile 12.2@112mph on street tires
1/4 mile 11.9@120mph on M/T 10″ wide street drags
car weight=2800 w/o me

i really need to go with the 12″ wide m/t street drags with the street tires im smoking 1st,2nd,barkin 3rd barkin 4th
and the 10″wide street drags smoking 1st,little of 2nd barkin 3rd then 4th pulls like a raped ape on cocaine maybe need to go to taller 10″wide drag then would not be using 4th gear only 1st 2nd 3rd gears then the 1/4 mile would be over by end of 3rd WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITH BETTER TIME SLIPPS IMMOKOLEE REGIONAL RACEWAY AND MOTORSPORTS PARK

Factory Options

dont know bought car used


-mopar bov
-b&m short shifter stock srt knob
-stage 1 mopar upgrade kit
-stage 1 kit includes
-larger injectors
-ecm computor program
-larger wastegate
-stage 1 badge
-Greddy turbo boost controller
-Greddy turbo timer
-PRO comp boost gauge

2-12″ L7 solobaric subs
5000 watt d class earthquake amp
jvc 4″ in dash tv

MORE engine MODS and body kit also rims REAL SOON TRUST ME


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