2005 Pontiac GTO (YELO-GTO)

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I purchased this car used from a dealer on Route 17 in July of 2007. I’ve always wanted a yellow car and as far as I’m concerned, yellow is the best color that the GTO came in. These cars were only produced in yellow for 2004 – 2005 and dropped for 2006.

The car is bone stock so I get to start over and mod it how I want to instead of “dealing” with other mods from the previous owner which I probably wouldn’t like.

This is also my first manual tranny since I’ve been in the States and coming from the UK, learning to change gear with my right hand has been interesting – though not as hard as I thought it would be.


400HP LS2 364ci 6.0L Motor
792 Produced in Yellow Jacket in 2005

Factory Options

These cars are not offered with many options except for 18″ wheels (over 17’s) and auto or manual trannies.

Mine has 17″ wheels and is a manual tranny. Color is Yellow Jacket with a black interior.


None yet – but I plan on a few!


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