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2006 Cadillac DTS L III (New Daily Driver)

Last updated May 1, 2014  

Photo of a 2006 Cadillac DTS L III (New Daily Driver)

No longer owned


Tried to talk the wife into a Caddy when she got her fifth Impala, an '08. She was determined to get another Impala. After having the Chevy for about a year we had an occassion to have it in for service and the Dealership gave us an '02 Deville as a loaner. When we got in the car, and before we left the yard, she was looking around the cabin of the Caddy. When she asked, "What kind of car is this?", I calmly as possible said, "It's a Deville, a full sized Cadillac." No response, just quiet thought. When we stopped to full up, she got right out of the front seat and sat in the roomy back seat and announced, "I like this car". Not being one to miss an opportunity, I suggested that we have the dealer keep an eye out for a good used, low milage version. Within three weeks he called with an '06 DTS, loaded with just over 30K on the odometer. We went to look at it, and as soon as I saw that it was the 'pearl' white that appears to change in the sun, I was hooked. After a short test drive we pulled a Billy Joel - we traded in our Chevy for a Cadillac, just like in the song. What a sweet ride. Since I am retiring at the end of the year, I like to call it my 'retirement car', but I am reminded that we traded her car to get it so - - - - -. Did I mention how much I like the heated AND cooled seats. No more wet shirts and sticky arrivals. (Note) Since parting with my STS, this has become the Daily Driver. Comfortable ride, but the STS still weighs on my mind.
07/01/12 - This car is due to be replaced soon, I am looking forward to what will take its place. I hope to find another DTS, perhaps a red, fully decked out 08 or 09.
This car was traded for an interim vehicle, a 2009 DTS in the entry level classification. The '06 was getting long of tooth and had to go. Since no ideal replacement was around I settled for the dark blue "09. I call it a stripper because it has so few bells & whistles. Oh well, the right car will show up some day.


This is the full sized automobile with the top of the line L III package. It has the Northstar V8, seats five adults in comfort and we get twenty mpg around town. Expect to find out about trip millage this summer. It has every option offered except for the in-dash GPS, and the rear window shade. I don't miss the in-dash as I have seen them and would rather have my Garmin. The rear window shade would be neat though, we had one on another loaner and it was fun to play with and was an effective tool to cut down on solar heat and UV damage.

Factory Options

The list is nearly endless:
Cruise, air, tilt of course.
Heated and cooled leather front and heated back seats.
Lumbar support and massage.
Two memory positions that accomadate seat, wheel and mirror settings, and an Exit mode to make entry and egress easier.
Power everything; seats, windows, locks, mirrors.
Six CD Bose stereo (worth the price of admission), with XM.
Sonar parking assist front and back.
Northstar V8 and dual exhaust, (at least at the aft end).
Power sun roof.
Climate control with dual front controls and full controls for back seat passengers.
A monitoring system for everything from tire pressure to various engine and control systems.
Digital and analog speedometer in English and Metric.
Factory custom (rally?) wheels, chrome don't get ya home, but you've got to have it.


Wouldn't change a thing.

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